Oikawa telling himself a joke to himself, agreeing, and then laughing at himself.

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Oikawa's last words Rip in pieces
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i cant believe he’s dead

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an au in which everything is the same except characters switch hairstyles. Some things should probably never exist…..


i forgot i made this a few months ago and never shared it. it was part of a GIF story that i haven’t finished.

one day…!

You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.
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Can we also mention how Shimada is so very invested in a kid he’s only been working with for a week? And calling him by his first name? And just being such a sweetheart?

The adults in this show are such lovelies, all of them.

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Galaxy Latte

A random work based on this lovely image.

Update : I upload cleaner version this time. Hopefully I can make this into A5 print.

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quick doodles for today…..  trying to experiment with styles and what not

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